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Communism Marketed to the Masses

27 Oct

It’s possible as the Globalists and the Patriots around the world face off, times are about to change. It’s hard to not recognize, or acknowledge that the Globalists represent a very small group of individuals. These people demonstrate on a daily basis their intolerance for individual rights, personal freedoms, natural science, or any rule of law. The Patriots on the other side recognize many things, including personal property rights and the rule of law.

The bankers as I write, are in the process of using their powers to close any competition to their stranglehold on humanity. They are offering up banks around the world the option to either agree to implement “green climate control” initiatives, or be taken out of existence. The consequence of which would mean that anyone wishing to enjoy personal freedoms would be taken out of existence, or resort to other forms of barter.

These “green climate control” initiatives are designed to control individual freedoms, and extract taxes from the individuals to fund an unelected bureaucracy. Of note, they are only targeted at rich countries, who are not the primary contributors of CO2, and none of the major contributors of CO2 are targeted countries.

Inside the shady private equity firm run by Kerry and Biden’s kids

There is an active effort to control our civilization. Always has been you’d say. Always will be you’d say. I proffer up that it was never that way, nor was it ever meant to be that way.

A small group of people, perhaps like a cancer on society, developed a shrewd method of turning man’s character against it as a tool for personal gain.

Their Objectives:

  1. Control the method of commerce between individuals to ensure that productivity is diminished and corruption has a firm footing.
  2. Implement a banking system that by design, prohibits the ability of any individual to accumulate and maintain wealth, as the interest on any debt cannot ever be repaid.
  3. Bribe and blackmail politicians, incentivizing them by financial rewards and the threat of exposure to support that banking system.
  4. Control the media so that any communication of the activities of the banking system is suppressed, hidden, obfuscated, or eliminated from any digital footprint.
  5. Take over any and all forms of education to promote atheism, promiscuity, gender diversification, and the decimation of the family.

In so doing, that small group would control the world.

Regardless of the positive spin that the media adopts, the fruits of their activities speak much louder. Through their efforts towards globalism, they demonstrate a cancerous desire for control over civilization through every aspect of human thought. It is hard to find anything of value in their system. Everything about it is an affront to inherent conscience. It can only become acceptable to the majority through deception.

If you have to lie about the motives of your philosophy in order to get people to adopt your philosophy, then your philosophy must be dangerously incomplete or outright cataclysmic.

Shadow Banking

25 Jun

As I learn more about the subject of “shadow banking”, I recall how it was that I even made myself aware of “shadow banking:.

Recently it seems, banks had gone to the extreme of not even checking borrowers’ income in the application form… More importantly there was no income verification.



To myself, just a regular guy, I thought that to be an example of “incompetence”. But seeing it throughout the media (and elsewhere) on a seemingly daily basis it was nothing new.

But now I understand… Quicken Loans in now the largest lender for homes in the US. Quicken Loans is in the “shadow banking” category. They are not a bank. They do not take deposits to secure their loans.

I know this is wildly impossible, but are the banks, now incapable of rationalizing their home loan activity, offloading the residential home loans to “shadow banks” to cover their trail and to create a whole new area of financial corruption?

Think For Yourself

Trading Global Temperature Changes

21 May

An interesting trading system has been developed by Trade Genius. The system generates trades that would be held over a few days to generate small gains with low risk. The software developed by Trade Genius is  compatible with Tradestation software as well as some other trading platforms.

Beyond the software and philosophy of trading, an interesting spin on the temperature of the planet has “again” shown its face.

In an interview with Bob Kudla of Trade Genius posted on YouTube, he discusses the impact of stock prices associated with food over the coming years. His statements are consistent with the content of a book written by John L. Casey, DARK WINTER. Those statements and conclusions concern a downward trend in global temperatures due to the very high correlation between sunspot activity and global temperatures, in conjunction with the highly consistent pattern of sunspots over time.


The above chart shows a correlation of global temperatures to sunspot activity.

If these predications hold true, there could well be a disruption in the food supplies around the world. You might choose to stock up on canned goods, or perhaps consider a solution written about in one of my previous blogs, Soylent.



16 Oct

There is a political gridlock going on this week on Capitol Hill. One might argue it has been going on for some time. Lawrence Lessig uses a Lesterland analogy to explain how our political officials are elected, while Dylan Radigan fights to get big money out of politics. One thing is very clear : neither party is working to support the average American. They are paid by the largest financial backers in the country, those with the largest financial backing, and the Corporations that hold an ever increasing amount of cash.

The objective of the political figures today is to raise enough cash to get re-elected and to leave office with a much greater personal wealth than they entered office with. The objective is to achieve a bipartisan status quo.

“…they will say that gumming up the works is not part of the problem, it’s part of the solution.”

It is interesting that there is always bipartisan support when it comes to the war on terror, restrictions on civil liberties, and the continuous surveillance of US citizens by the NSA. But when it comes to running the government and developing policies that move the country forward, there can be no agreements.

Option List

9 Oct

Happy Trading!

The Options List for Today

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Herbert Stein’s Law

3 Oct

The father of Ben Stein, Herbert Stein, wrote that “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop”.

If we look at the distribution of wealth in the US, Stein’s Law is at work. Stein’s law could be used as a way to describe why the “American’s Are Not Getting Fatter” as well, or why Detroit went bust.

And, as the Federal government begins to address raising the National Debt limit in the next couple of weeks, it is very much consistent with Stein’s Law that “it’s not really a ceiling if you continue to raise it.”

What is more important to the average Joe, is what’s going to happen to the stock market, and the economy. As the “U.S. Stock Market Moves Further Away From Reality“, below is a chart of the stock market (SPY) over the last 20 years. It looks like another top could be forming.

If Stein’s Law is working on the debt ceiling, it may be working on the stock market as well.

A Part of the Incarceration Industry in America

23 Sep

One of the more successful businesses in the US, the private prison system is alive and well. This is due in no small part to the close relationship between the government and this private industry group. First let’s start with an image of how many countries in the world have a higher incarceration rate than the “Land of the Free”:

That’s right. The US is the world’s leader in incarceration. The next closest incarceration rate to any country that is not an island nation is Rwanda.

In another measurable in the incarceration world, the US is the only country in the world that incarcerates children for life. You can find an image of all the countries that condemn children to die in prison here.

In order to further the success of this business, below is a graphic of the location of prisons where state governments are committed to finding enough offenders to fill 90% of the available beds:

And in California, the state is working toward not releasing nonviolent drug offenders despite a federal court order. Instead, they are discussing a new alignment between the state’s prison guard union and the private prison corporations that would expand the current incarceration levels.

Also of note, although blacks in the US only make up 30% of the population, they make up 60% of the prison population. A graph of the African-American population in the US has a relationship to the incarceration map above.

This sure looks like a strange form of capitalism, where business failure is not an option. You can find out more about how to invest in this growing business at CCA’s investor page.